Consciously designed in Los Angeles | Sustainably made worldwide. We believe going outside & connecting with nature improves one's overall well-being, which is why we've created products to forever take you there... 

Founded by two best friends who share similar passions: The beach, sustainable products, and giving back. Naturally, we fell in love with the beach and all things that relate to it. Growing up, we spent countless summers up and down different coastlines— Both in the US & Australia. We explored different beaches, loved being outside, and saw the importance of spending quality time with our friends and loved ones. Resol Beach was founded in 2020 and has grown into the brand we are today. 

After years of inspiring trips Bali, Tulum and other small towns, we fell in love with the beautifully crafted pieces that were made by talented, local artisans. 
During our travels, we met artisans along the way who hand-crafted items we could only dream of. We were in awe of their dedication and unique craftsmanship, and it has since been our mission to have a long-lasting impact on these artisans by supporting their products’ distribution. In addition to supporting artisans and their ancient trade, we also feature small US brands that share our same vision and ethical practices.
"Shopping ethically can empower others, change lives, and impact the world on a greater scale."