Handmade Items:

Our Rattan Chairs and Macrame Umbrellas require hours of tedious handwork, care, and dedication. The process to make high quality pieces is tedious, but results in beautiful, charming pieces that tell a forever story. Due to the traditional construction of each item, slight variations are expected. This is what makes each item so special and unique!


Macrame Umbrellas:

- Please refer to instructions located in your package for full set up instructions . Prior to assembly, you will need to stretch the macrame material. Turn umbrella upside down and lightly push down on the umbrella ribs (teakwood that holds the macrame in place) until you are able to secure the pin in the hole at the top. This will require 2 people.

- Assemble the macrame umbrella first by stretching macrame, then attach teakwood pole. 

- When needed, spot clean with a white, clean, very damp cloth. Always use cold water to avoid shrinkage.

- Do not use abrasive products or sponges. If a deeper cleaning is needed, use a mild, clear solution and spray the macrame throughout. Allow the material air dry. 

- Keep fibers away from open flames (candles, fireplaces, BBQs.)

- Secure your umbrella with a commercial base of approx 100 lbs that can secure a 2" pole. We recommend this premium umbrella stand from Restoration Hardware.

- Protect your umbrella when not in use from sun, rain, and overexposure to moisture or humidity. We will have covers available for purchase soon, in the meantime, we recommend purchasing a cover that is approx 6-7' tall. 

Rattan Beach Chairs:

- Lift evenly from each side to prevent excess stress to the fibers. Treat your rattan chair just as you would furniture.

- Avoid movement during .Lay flat during travel, front facing down  Keep in a secure place & 

- Wipe down with a clean, damp cloth after each use. Avoid using harsh chemicals or artificial cleaners.

- To maintain the cleanliness of the cotton strap, we recommend using a spot cleaner by The Laundress. Avoid getting the vegan leather portion wet.

- Avoid over-exposure to the sun and sitting when wet. When not in use and store in a cool, dark place.