Our products tell a story of craftsmanship in design, quality, and ethical production. It is our mission to have a long-lasting impact on our artisans by supporting their products distribution, while minimizing our carbon footprint. Our products take hours of handwork to complete and require true dedication to detail in every design. The process to make quality, handmade pieces can be tedious, however it results in beautiful, charming pieces that are made to last. Due to their traditional construction, slight variations are expected- making each item special and unique!  

Macrame Umbrellas:

- Please refer to instructions located in your package for full set up and care instructions.

- Spot clean with mild, soapy water & avoid any harsh chemicals.

- Secure the umbrella with a commercial base that weighs a minimum of 100lbs.  

- Collapse and store safely when not in use, especially during abnormal weather conditions such as wind or heavy rain. We recommend storing the umbrella completely to avoid any damages due to weather. This includes winds of over 10mph.

Rattan Chairs:

- You will need to break in your rattan chair simply using it. The rattan is tightly handwoven to ensure quality within its design. Once broken in, the overall construction will not change. 

- Lay flat during travel, facing down.

- Avoid harsh chemicals, oils, and wet materials.

- Wipe with clean, damp cloth after use and shake out any sand or debris.

- To maintain the cleanliness of the cotton strap, we recommend using a spot cleaner by The Laundress



- If your basket is bent, lightly spray with water and reshape to its original shape.

- Bags made from rattan or straw get semi-wet, and water will not damage the materials. However, keep other materials dry such as vegan leather straps or hardware.

- Mold basket by pushing out each side. Reshaping does not affect the strength, it can be reshaped as many times needed!

- Leave out to dry in direct sunlight or under a fan.