Our products tell a story of craftsmanship in design, quality, and ethical production. Our pieces are made entirely by hand in Bali using renewable and sustainable resources and have been designed with longevity in mind.

Materials: Natural, high quality rattan is indigenous to Indonesia, one of two places in the world that produce rattan certified by the FSC. Needing trees to grow, rattan can provide an incentive for communities to conserve and restore the forest on their land. Natural rattan is durable against the elements, resistant to cracking, 100% sustainable, and is very low maintenance. Low quality “rattan” is typically produced in China from man made materials such as plastic that will tear, yellow, and come apart over time. 

Support: Our products are made with longevity in mind and have been designed with an extensive support system: An additional frame under the seat that provides support while maintaining its lightweight construction, & a thick rattan frame on the back & seater portion that provides additional support needed to hold weights up to 300lbs. Higher quality pieces require more materials. Investing in rattan pieces that are made to last are an investment that you can expect to have forever! 

Weave: Our rattan pieces are strategically handwoven using a tighter weave method. When rattan chairs are made at a lower cost, and/or are mass produced, the rattan is woven in rows of 10 or more that show uneven patterns, gaps, and odd spacing. The process to make high quality rattan is tedious but results in beautiful, symmetric pieces. You will notice this throughout our designs.
Investing in quality rattan beach chairs (or rattan furniture) is an investment - Similar to the furniture in your home. Our pieces are not mass produced and take skill, time, and dedication.